Yesterday before starting out on my hike, I went out to the bus terminal to buy my ticket to Puerto Montt, Chile only to find that of the 5 companies that run services to there non had anything until Monday. The only company that had a Sunday bus was fully booked 😦 I was fairly disappointed. If I left on Monday then I would only get to spend a day and wont be able to go to other cities and islands as planned. So i sat down and recalculated my moves. I ultimately decided it is not fair to just jump into Chile for a day and not really get to know it as I wanted. I looked into other options.

Finally I decided just to keep heading down south in Argentina. The new plan is to continue as far south as El Calafate (glaciers!) then head back up north along the eastern coast. Stop at Puerto Madryn and then head to BA and return to Montevideo. I think I was trying to cramp too much in a very short period of time.

Since I love Bariloche so much, I decided to stay an extra day, relax and prepare for my next trip tomorrow. (hence all this time to sort out my photos and update my blog).