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Yesterday I took the time to hike and trek a bit closer to Bariloche. I took the bus out to Puerto Pañelo on the edge of Lago Huapi. From there I walked until I found the trails to the Bosque Arrayanes. That was by far the best trek yet. This trail was absolutely beautiful with outlooks onto Lago Moreno Oeste. I walked the entire trail and then continued onwards along the paved road until the edge of Lago Escondido. Honestly I can´t get over these lakes and my camera doesn’t do them any justice. They are usually a shade of brilliant blue-turquoise. All of them are glacier-fed.

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After stopping for a bit, I continued onto Bahia Lopez. I could have taken the bus from there but it was such a nice day, I kept on walking until the colony of Colonia Suiza. There Swiss immigrants first settled in the region. That is probably why most of Bariloche and surrounding villages/towns retain this Swiss log cabin feel with that very distinct architecture. Also why Bariloche is so famous for its chocolate.

At one of the outlook point I ran into an Argentinan couple and got to talking to them. We parted ways and I kept walking. I ran into them later on up ahead at a little snack shack near Arryo Lopez. Ended up sitting down and chatting with them for ages about politics, culture. We exchanged info and hopefully try to stay in touch.

In total I probably walked about 15 miles. I was sooo exhasuted by the end and just wanted to find a bus. Some of the hiles were brutal. Luckily I caught the last bus back from Colonia Suiza to Bariloche and there I went to visit a friend who I encountered on the ride from Mendoza. She was staying at another hostel.

I came back to my hostel to find an Asado (bbq) in full swing. Spend a great evening chatting with other travellers and eating roasted corn on a cob (wasnt really interested in the meat).