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It’s hard to believe that I started this blog more than 6 years ago. It began as a humble project to keep my family and friends informed of my travel rather than repeating the same banter over individual emails about my happenings and reflections. To this day it remains a very loose outlet for me to continue to document my travels and thoughts. In the midst of work and what seems like endless travel, I must admit periodic attention to this blog was pushed to the back burner. That said, words of encouragement from friends and the occasional passerby have, at times, reignited my motivation.

Having fallen into yet another bout of neglect, I was drawn back to this blog by a series of comments left on a post that I had written several years ago. That set me on a trip down memory lane, as I went back and reread many of my old posts, spanning several years. The process was surprisingly entertaining and eye-opening. At times I laughed as I remembered particular situations associated with anecdotes I wrote about, while at times I cringed at my simplistic explanation of a particular event. That got me thinking about how my thought process has changed through the years. It also got me to reflect about the various influences in my life that have helped me to grow and evolve…for the better.

Growth and evolution of thoughts is a beautiful thing. I’m glad that inadvertently this blog has helped me chart these changes. It also helped me reinforce the importance of writing. A dear friend, gifted me a beautiful journal before I embarked on my travels in South America before starting this blog in 2007. Up until this point, I filled that journal with endless stories of travels, notes to help me remember certain events and more importantly my emotions throughout that period. In many ways the process of journaling motivated me to start this blog.

And so it continues….