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fogEcuador is a country that never fails to disappoint in terms of nature. Quito itself is stunning, from which ever way you look you are reminded that of lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. Although my stays were mostly limited to Quito there are plenty of day trip trekking and hiking options. I’m grateful for friends who share this passion and have taken me to on breath-taking hikes and treks within short drives outside of Quito. We took this trek out for a friend’s birthday.


On this most recent day hike, we set out early morning while a thick layer of fog blanketed the valleys on the trek named Paseo del Condor. Sadly we did not see any Condors on our trek but the scenery of seeing the thick curtain of fog lift and the view of golden valleys can not be put in words.

The afternoon trek was difficult at times as we traversed at altitudes well above 3000 m but became manageable overtime. We took the opportunity to lay on the soft (albeit wet) golden grass for a bit of a rest and to refuel on energy.  It was a great celebration with friends and undisturbed scenery.

A great way to ring in a new year for this friend.