That’s 3’aib (a’ib) they say
What will people think?
What will they say?

That’s 3’aib they say
Sit up straight
Don’t come home too late

That’s 3aib they say
A single word that defines our world
Elusive boundaries of what’s wrong and right

You must exude a certain image
No room for individual thought
Just follow what has been taught

This 3’aib they speak of
These ‘disgraceful’ acts
Arbitrarily defined and full of illogical cracks

Your life is diligently archived in a series of disgraceful moments
Aunties and uncles never forgetting any details
So quick to judge and put you on the spot without fail

Slowly but surely this pile becomes an overwhelming mountain
Causing you to question your world and your actions
Is my logic absurd? Or am I missing a critical social transaction

When you finally cry out and question why
You are blatantly shot down
Told to obey and stop acting like a clown

This 3’aib they speak of
I want some justifications
Who makes the rules? Who changes the equation?

I love my culture
My deep roots that keep me grounded
But these double standards always leave me stranded

That’s 3’aib they’ll say
To these word of mine
How could you get out of line?

To this 3’aib they speak of
I’m tired of carrying this unnecessary burden
I need to let go
To realize….
there is always a compromise