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I couldn’t come this far and not get the chance to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal. Many in our group believed that it was a grand mosque and were surprised to find out that this was built by the great Mughal ruler Akbar to honor his wife Mumtaz. She must have been something to have such a monument constructed in her honour. It was beyond expectations.

The trip from Delhi to Agra was nauseating. The swerving cars, the constant use of car horns drove me to the brink of insanity. These drivers seem to have their hands permanently attached to their horns. Never really understood the bickering mechanism between various drivers conveyed through the excessive usage of car  obnoxious sounds. Nonetheless that was not going to put a damper on my chance to see the Taj Mahal.

Upon Arriving at Agra after a 4 hour drive, we rushed in to get our tickets and head over to this great monument. From the boundaries of the city to the ticketing booth, it took more than an hour battling cars, carts, cows and anything on 2-4 legs/wheels.

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Walking past the grander than life gates, one of 3 that surround the mausoleum, it was hard not to think about the effort was exerted in building this structure; without any modern machinery. The structure is impeccable. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves in this one because nothing I could possibly write can do it justice.