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On the heels of intense riots that have ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali, Egpytians organized a series of protests/demonstrations across various cities in Egypt to denounce President Mubarak. The riots have taken a very violent turn with rioters and police forces clashing and many arrests. Below is some of the colorful slogans being used:

قوم يا جرجس قول يا يونس.. بكره مصر تحصل تونس
ثورة ثورة حتي النصر.. ثورة في تونس وكمان مصر
قوم يا زين قول لمبارك.. السعودية في إنتظارك

rough translation:

Get up Gergis, Get up Tunis.. Tomorrow Egypt will follow Tunis
Revolution, revolution until victory.. Revolution in Tunis and also in Egypt
Get up Zein and say to Mubarak….Saudia Arabia is awaiting