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A bit late in posting but it’s worth mentioning. So last Saturday, seemed to be a regular day. The rare spark of sunshine prompted a trip out. Plus my sister had a weird fixation with flying a kite that she hunted down in several toy shops around town. So we headed to Hyde Park on this fine day. We weren’t alone, it seemed that all Londoners jumped on the chance to catch some rays. Despite the partly cloudy sky, all was well and everyone seemed to be enjoying the day.

As we were sitting on the 2nd deck of the bus, Francesco startled pointed towards a naked man cycling on the opposite side of the street. Our gaze immediately turned and trailed the lone nude cyclist. To our shock we turned back around and a sea of nude cyclists rode by! Of course trusty youtubers provided me with some footage.

It turns out they were environmental activists, trying to raise awareness about various environmentally related issues. After recovering from the initial shock of all the sea of nude cyclists. We made it into the park and had a pretty good afternoon. On our way to Oxford Street, Hanan and I, got stopped again by the parade of cyclists and were forced to wait out the sea of cycles until we could cross the street.

really only in London!