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After a greuling 20 hour bus ride, I finally made it into Bariloche yesterday. The view from every direction is breath taking. Altought most enjoy this region in the winter for skiing and winter sports activities there is plenty to do this time of year. The city itself has fallen to the immense amount of tourism. It has become somewhat of a gimmicy town. It has a rustic Swiss Alps town feel, with houses and buildings incorporating heavy log for the foundation and structure.

I was so glad I booked my hostel in advance this time because there are so many hills that trying to find a hostel when I got here would have been a nightmare plus most hostels are fully booked. The place I´m staying is great. Chill, laid back and close to the centre without being right in the action. Yesterday not knowing really where to start I wandered about the city. I encountered a guy who runs various excursions. Since it was fairly late in the day to start on any long haul trekking/rafting, etc he suggested checking out the other lakes in the area. Bariloche is located in the southern tip of the lake district on the banks of Lake Huapi. He suggested a few of the local buses that run rural regions outside the city. I hopped on bus 50, not knowing really where I will end up. I asked the driver about a lakes and he said his route stopped by Lake Gutierrez, so lake Gutierrez is where I headed.

The water was so prestine and clean and interesting shade of blue-turquoise. Simply beautiful. There I met a bunch of people chilling by the banks of the lake chatting. Got to taking to them and got a few tips about regions further down south. Got back from that trek around 9ish (and the sun was still bright). Sunset was nearly 11pm.

For the evening I got to chatting with a bunch of people from the hostel. It was by far better than the hostel in Mendoza. Also more nationalities represented. Ended up going to bed far too late, especially since I planned to get up and catch the first bus out to the city of El Bolsòn (2 hrs south of Bariloche).

Needless to say somehow I did wake up in time and barely made it to catch the 8am bus into El Bolsòn. I wandered about the feria (market) that´s held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Unfortunately my plan to go trekking in Cerro Piltriquitron isnt going to happen due to heavy rain, plus no means of getting close to the ridge. I wanted to go see the famous carved statues up at the submit. For now I am sitting in an internet cafe waiting for a bus to the Parque nacional Lago Puelo.

more on El Bolsòn and surrounding regions to come.